WOW: The incomplete Love story – Part 2

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This is the 2nd and final part for the post ‘WOW: The Last Time He Saw Her‘. For better understanding, I would request you to kindly read the 1st part.


Continuing from the point where I have left…

So, B spends his entire night wondering about S…thinking about the time that they have spent with each other. The memories were repeatedly coming back which were giving him frequent outbursts.

Seconds ticked away…Time moved on…and it was time for sunrise. Time for a new day to begin. B was planning to skip work. He couldn’t sleep last night. So, when he was about to switch off his mobile, his phone started ringing. No, it wasn’t a call. It was the alarm.


He woke up with tears in his eyes. Yes, it was just a dream. Then he picked up his phone to switch off the alarm clock. But before he could do so, he saw a text from his crush S requesting him to meet her urgently. He was shocked and surprised. He told her to meet him in the evening at a park.

B couldn’t focus on his work. He was getting several thoughts. He was trying to figure out the reason behind the urgent meet-up.

The moment arrived. S smiled and greeted him. Her smile melted his heart. He smiled back. This time she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. S is still not married. They exchanged pleasantries and started the conversation. Meanwhile, B was gathering all the courage so that he could express his feelings for her.

After some time, S held his hand and told him that him that she wants to tell him something important. But before telling it, she wanted B to promise her that he won’t end the friendship after listening to it. B’s heart started beating rapidly. His voice was shaking. He gathered himself and gave her his assurance.

S firmly held his hands. Her voice was choking was emotions. Finally, she said (whispered), ‘iloveyou’. She went so fast that B couldn’t understand what she said. S then gathered her courage and told her that she loves him a lot and wants to spend the rest of his life with him.


B went blank. To him, everything came to a standstill. He was blank for 30 seconds. Then, he gave her a tight hug and expressed his heart out. Tears of happiness were rolling down from their eyes. B then told her about the dream that he saw last night. S told him that she saw a similar dream about B. B told her to forget everything about the past and to live in the present.

Fast forward six months, B and S are now engaged and are busy in their marriage preparations.

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In the previous version of the story, we have seen that both S and B loved each other a lot. But circumstances didn’t let them stay together. I have received many requests for a happy ending to their love story. Hope you enjoyed reading their love story.

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  1. Aww 🙂 Happy that they are engaged 😀 I too have a love story. It was long distance relationship for 7 years and then we got married. This year it will be 4 years to our marriage 🙂
    Will be waiting for your next story about B & S marriage.

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  2. Ok wow. I did not see the twist coming from a distance. Well thought out storyline. 🙂

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