Smart Home – Welcome to the Future! #SmartHomeRevolution

Technology has made our lives easier. It has become an indispensable part of our lives. When telephony service was introduced in India, nobody would have thought that a day would come when they could make video calls as well. Now, people can see the person to whom they are talking to, even if that person is sitting on the other side of the globe.

When we talk about telephony services, we can’t ignore the ‘Internet Revolution’. I was in class – 7 when I first accessed the internet, it was for my school’s project work. Mobile Internet service was still at its nascent stage. I got my first mobile phone after passing my class 12 exams and guess what? It was a Nokia C5 smartphone.


Over the years, all the gadgets that we use have become smart. From smart wearables to smart TVs. Smart wearables are also termed as fitness trackers because they are equipped with – heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie counter, distance calculator, sleep tracker etc. After learning about these features, I decided to #GetFitWithFlipkart by ordering the ZenWatch 2.

After using the Zenwatch 2 for a year, I have found that I can track my progress and can set my fitness goals according to my needs. So, if you are on a fitness regime, you need to keep a constant track of your fitness goals. A smartwatch fitness tracker would be your best buddy in doing so. Secondly, it acts as an additional motivator. It stores your previous days’ data which will help you to move forward and set higher goals.

Not only watches, but our lights have also become smart. Smart lights, smart speakers, smart security cameras etc. have triggered the concept of #SmartHomeRevolution. So, if our gadgets become smart, can our house be far behind? ūüėČ

#SmartHomeRevolution: How does a Smart Home look like?

You wake up, not the sound of an alarm clock but to the voice of your crush who’s gently calling your name ;). You are nowhere near her, it’s your assistant¬†who is doing so. Then it tells you to start your morning workout session and the assistant starts playing your favourite playlist. The coffee maker and toaster start preparing coffee and snacks respectively. While having your breakfast, your assistant reminds you of the events that are scheduled for the day.

Once your assistant realizes that you have left the house, it will switch off all unnecessary lights to ensure energy savings. At work, you realize its time to give your dog a snack. So, you open your mobile and you try to locate him. When you find him, send him the message from the nearest Smart Camera.

smart home

Source: Flipkart Website

When you are entering your home in the evening, the Smart Assistant will switch on lights to your¬†favourite colour. As you step in, the cooker will start preparing your supper. After some time, the colour of the¬†Smart Lights¬†changes to blue, telling you it’s time for bed. You tell your assistant to switch to ‘Sleep Mode’. It will automatically adjust the light and temperature of the room, making it suitable for a sound sleep.

Author’s Note

The Smart Home concept is aimed at making our lives easier. Smart Home assistants can fetch any information from the Internet without using the keyboard, simply by using voice commands. We should use them to make our lives easier and shouldn’t become lazy. You can avoid such situations with the help of a Smart Wearable¬†by tracking your fitness goals regularly.

So, let’s join the¬†Fit India Movement and help others to become physically and mentally fit. This will help us to accept the Smart Home concept with open arms, without compromising our fitness levels.


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  1. Smart devices are the new way to lead life.

      • blogger on January 6, 2019 at 11:05 pm
      • Reply

      Yes. They are.

  2. I guess its all about becoming smart, smarter every where.

      • blogger on January 15, 2019 at 12:56 pm
      • Reply

      Welcome to the Future! ūüôā

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