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Whenever we look around us, we find ourselves that we are surrounded by different kinds of sounds. If we look closely, we will find that each sound has a different story to tell. These are not sounds but, they are voices. Presently. every keyboard stroke is telling me that I am inching towards the end of the post.


In the morning, we wake up to the chirping of the birds. These sounds tell us that we need to get up and start our day. In monsoon, the sound of raindrops tells us that it is re-invigorating nature and Mother Nature blessing each drop of rain. In the evening, when we are greeted by a gentle breeze, it tells us that they are here calm us and to provide relaxation from the monotonous schedule.

The sounds of waves continuously lashing on the seashores tell us that this process is going on since time immemorial and this will continue till the end of time. Whenever we visit religious places, the sounds of the bells and the chants tell us that they are going to remove negativity from our minds and replace them with positivity.


On a Saturday night, while listening to my playlist, the songs remind me that the next day is Sunday-Funday. A day meant for relaxing and to spend quality time with family. The message of sounds also changes depending upon the context. A school bell sounds irritating at 8.30AM but the same sounds melodious at 2.30PM.

The sound that tells us that food is ready… I am sure everybody loves that, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to eat? Haha!

If you ask me, what’s my favourite sound…Well, its tough to answer as each and every sound has a different message. But…my favourite sound is when my mom tries to wake me up. I don’t get up till my mom starts shouting at the top of her voice. Trust me, its the best sound to me as it allows me to start my day with a smile. * You may try this at your own risk 😛 *

So, what’s your favourite sound? Do let me via comments.

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  1. I love the quietness of my house on Sunday mornings, when I can hear nothing but myself thinking.

  2. I never thought of it like that! To me the sound of typing makes me feel like I’m at work! I love the quietness of the night where everything is so soft, you can hear the sound of breathing!

  3. Wow I love this perspective! I love the sound of my niece and nephew laughing even from a different room. It let’s me know that they are there and happy.

  4. Nice try to capture the Simple meanings/messages for most of the sounds

    • Clare Minall on December 10, 2018 at 5:47 pm
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    Sounds plays a special role into our life. This brings lot of meaning. And this helps us to recognize everything aside form what we see.

    • Preet on December 10, 2018 at 5:52 pm
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    Such a great and meaningful post. Sounds bring joyful to my life. There are so much sounds to hear that makes me feel so happy.

    • ashleynicolerice on December 11, 2018 at 12:58 am
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    My favorite sound of storms. There is something so soothing about the craziness happening outside.

  5. Sounds around us are so powerful! Truly a lot of sounds remind me of my childhood and growing up memories!

  6. This is an insightful post, and you’ve nailed it in saying that there’s a story behind what we hear. I spend a lot of time outdoors, and in the morning when I hear birds chirping I know it’s time to get out of bed (even though sometimes I wish i can spend all day in bed LOL)! And I can totally relate to the ‘melodious’ school bell sound when it’s lunch time ;p.

  7. Good post with meaning behind each sound and how we interpret it in our daily lives!
    This was deep – ‘The sounds of waves continuously lashing on the seashores tell us that this process is going on since time immemorial and this will continue till the end of time’

  8. I’m laughing at your fave part of the day. That is NOT my kids favorite part, hahaha

  9. My favorite sound is the sound of waves crashing onto cliffs

  10. I never gave a thought to these sounds. It has become so meaningful now for me. Thanks.

  11. I think my favorite sound now is hearing my baby snore when she sleeps. I feel so accomplished and cool that my baby feels so comfortable in my arms that she falls into this deep peaceful sleep. It’s a rewarding experience for sure.

  12. Loved the bit where you wrote that the same sound holds different meanings at different time. It stands so true. I used to be so irritated when my mom used to make me get up in the morning for school, but now when I am so far from her… what will i not do to just hear her shout at me like that again. Some sounds just become memories after a time. Well written

  13. this is really an interesting and unique post, never read the post on this topic, great post.

  14. Sounds are amazing, even without it sometimes communication is difficult. There is always a bird closer to my window and it has turned out to be my morning alarm.

  15. Often in the hustle and bustle of life, we forget what life is all about. Your post beautifully brings out the joy in small things.

    • Ruth on December 18, 2018 at 12:49 am
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    I love the sound of waves too, it always relaxes me watching the sea and listening to it 🙂 This is a really creative post. I love it :3

  16. Haha! Hope you have told about your favorite sound to your mom 😉

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