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[Game Review] TicTok Game : Your Hourly dosage of ‘Winnings’!

TicTok, a wonderful brain development game developed by TicTok Skill Games Private Limited, India, that helps you win exciting prizes by answering simple questions. The game was launched in November 2016 for Android devices. The game enhances your thinking skills and gives you an opportunity to win prizes round the clock. A new challenge pops up in every 15 minutes.

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On downloading the app, the user gets a free trial period of 72 hours. Post which, the user needs to pay a subscription fee of either ₹300 or ₹500 per month.



System Requirements


The game developed by #tictokgames requires Android 4.0.3 and up. The device should have a CPU with 1GHz or higher and 30MB of free space to download the setup and additional assets. The #AppGame requires an active Internet connection. It is a very ‘light weight’ game.


Game Play


The game is very light and sports a user-friendly UI with easy navigation. After opening the app, the player needs to register himself to play the game and needs to verify his mobile number. In the next screen, he needs to choose his interests areas (minimum 3) basis which, the questions will be presented in the game.

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In the next screen, he can see the ongoing deals. Each deal lasts for only 15 minutes.


The player needs to complete the challenges by taking part in the #QuizGames. Each challenge comprises of 8-10 questions. The player needs to answer all the questions correctly and quickly to win the deal.

The player who completes the challenge in the shortest time wins the deal. You can win prizes like – Headset, Smartphones, Gift Vouchers, Gold Coins etc. For each deal, you are eligible to win one prize and can play it only once. Others who give the correct answers for all the questions for that particular deal would win a sub level and 20 sub levels would fetch you one level.

On completing the current deal, the screen will show the number of deals that the player needs to complete before he/she advances to the next level. The screen also reflects the time of the next available deal.

The #KnowledgeGame app also shows the list of upcoming deals and the player can turn on the notification for a particular deal. On doing so, the app will send a ‘Push Notification’ just before the deal starts.

The player can redeem the level points for gift vouchers or any other available item. The player can unlock Special challenges by reaching Level 50 where they can play for ‘Premium Prizes’ like Harley Davidson motorcycle.

During Trial Period, the user will have limited access to the app and will not be able to redeem or increase his level. Once, the trial period expires, you can continue to use the app at a monthly subscription fee of either ₹300 or ₹500.

If you choose to continue with the monthly subscription of ₹300 then, you can play all the games except Special Deals and you won’t have the option to redeem. To enjoy full access to the app, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of ₹500. On opening the app, you will find that the subscription fee is ‘dirt-cheap’ as compared to the prizes that you can win.

Users can also refer/invite their friends and get a discount of up to ₹100 on their subscription fee and 5 sub levels per month. For every friend you refer, you get ₹1 discount and for every 20 friends that you refer, you get 1 sub-level.

Let us know about your experience in the comments section given below. Best of Luck and Happy Winning!

You get a discount on the amount of subscription by inviting your friends.

A discount of no more than ₹ 100 would be offered on any subscription.



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