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Host your WordPress Blog at Just Rs. 69

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If you have decided to step into the blogging world, then you may need some help to take off as a blogger. Before we begin…the first question that comes is what are we going to blog about? This is the very first thing that you need to decide before you proceed. Ask this question to yourself and find out the answer. To some, blogging might be a hobby. Some may blog on a subject in which they have sound knowledge. So, decide your niche first.

Once you have decided your blog’s niche, You need to decide your blog name. Then, you need a domain name and web space to host your blog. A domain name is your blog’s name. Internet users can access your blog using your domain name. No, two websites can have the same domain name. Web space allows you to upload your files and folders related to your website, to make it available on the Internet.

Next, you’ll have to configure your blog. To do this, you will need to take the help of a CMS (Content Management System). I recommend WordPress in setting up your blog. It’s the best platform to start your blog with.

Since we are talking about WordPress, there are a lot of service providers that provide Managed WordPress hosting. There are two types of WordPress hosting – managed and unmanaged.

In unmanaged WordPress hosting, you are provided with the web space and you will have to install and configure WordPress on your own. But, in managed WordPress hosting, A2Z about WordPress hosting is managed by the hosting service provider. Now let’s understand why one should opt for managed WordPress hosting.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Security – We all know that outdated systems are very much liked by hackers. So, if your WordPress version, themes and plugins aren’t regularly updated then you become an easy target for the hackers. In managed WordPress hosting, your service takes necessary steps to address your security related issues. If your site gets hacked then, the hosting provider fixes that issue.
  • 24×7 Monitoring – Hosting provider monitors your site’s performance. If they sense any problem, they try to fix it even before the problem occurs. This ensures that your site is always in running condition. Such kind of preventive measures guarantees maximum possible uptime.
  • Speed – Your website may slow down due to technical issues. In managed web hosting, your service provider identifies and rectifies those issues. Your website speed plays an important factor in Search Engine Ranking.


There a lot of players that offer Managed WordPress Hosting. While comparing their offerings, rating and reviews, we have found MilesWeb web hosting services to be best.

What makes MilesWeb different from others

MilesWeb has partnered with Jetpack. This is the partnership of Jetpack in India. MilesWeb, launched in 2012, has sponsored and participated in all the WordCamp events held in India till date. Their hosting  plans not only covers SSD storage and free SSL certificates but also include the following technical features:

  • Cloudflare Railgun: Cloudflare Railgun technology speeds up the performance of non-cached web pages by providing a faster connection between your web hosting server and Cloudfare CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • GZIP/Brotli Compression: This technology makes your site load faster by decreasing the volume of data sent from web hosting server to the browser of the visitor. It also reduces the load on the server.
  • WP-CLI: WP-CLI or WordPress – Command Line Interface, a powerful toolset that helps in interacting with your site from the command line or even programmatically.
  • Cloning: Their cloning tool allows you to create a complete copy of your website with all the files and folders within a few seconds. This comes handy when you are in plans to introduce significant changes to your WordPress site or migrating your site to another host.
  • Pre-configured WordPress: The pre-configured WordPress installation comprises of various themes and plugins which minimises your efforts in configuring your blog. The installation is done in such a way that the WordPress software, themes and plugins are automatically updated to the latest version.
  • Daily Backups: MilesWeb ensures that your website’s backup is taken once every 24 hours.
  • Caching: Load time of a WordPress website reduces if it’s properly cached,

WordPress Blog at $1


Source: MilesWeb.IN Screengrab

WordPress Blog at $1? Yes, you heard it right. MilesWeb lets you host your WordPress blog for as low as $ 1/month (₹ 69/month). With this, you also claim a free migration from your current host to MilesWeb. The Free SSL adds an extra layer of security to your WordPress Blog. This helps your blog to gain the trust of your visitors. Enabling SSL to your domain improves your blog’s Search Engine Ranking.

What’s more? You can get in touch with their dedicated WordPress support to get your issues resolved. They are available 24×7.

Are you in plans to start a new WordPress Blog? Then, don’t wait. Start your new WordPress Blog at $1/month with MilesWeb.

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