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[Interview] Dilse with Jimmy Tangree

Jimmy Tangree is famous for his signature show ‘ Dilse with Jimmy’ (Now, Direct Dilse with Jimmy) which has millions of hearts in the City of Kolkata. He started his musical journey as a DJ in the year 1986. Below is an interview of Mr. Jimmy Tangree which was conducted on Friday, January 11, 2012.

Sudip : Sir, most of us know that you used to a tsunami in your childhood days. Mention one incident that changed your life.

Jimmy : Life in itself is a tsunami which some very good moments, less good moments and medium moments. Life is a turmoil…most of the time. There are a lot of moments, Right from…When I was a baby, I got stuck under the sofa and then no one could find me…I was just a couple of years old. Then from my first cycle riding experience to my bike riding experience…to my first swimming experience…my first DJing experience to my first Radio jockeying experience. To me, Life is a learning experience and I cherish every moment. Every day is a learning experience for me and I cherish it in my own way. So, there is nothing like the most memorable experience. I think each thought process, each day in itself is a memory. Yes, there are certain things which you remember which I told you just now.

S : How did you start your Musical Career ? Tell us something about your journey from DJing to RJing.

J : I was a member of the Calcutta Swimming Club. My father is also a member. Then, one particular day, the members asked me, Why Don’t I start DJing. So, that’s how I started Djing with 6 audio tapes and I used to love music. I used to listen to a lot of radio….it started when I was in Class 5 or 6 and that’s how it build-ed up. While I was into DJing and Remixing, I got a call from an organisation and asked me whether I want to be on Radio ? I said that I have never done Radio and they asked me to give it a try. So, I just told them to inform me once they start. It’s a very simple story and no complications.

S : I remember you once said that you started your journey in the world of radio with a very unique experience…You were Off the Air for a minute. What happened exactly on that day ?

J : I remember it was 26th of July 1994… 7’o clock in the morning. It was first Live show from a private Radio Station. I had no training…No Idea. I was into Remixing, DJing, Rapping. So, I know how to speak into the mike. I walked into a studio, I have never been there before. I was told to just speak into the mike and they will handle everything. So, I walked in, put up the slider and said ‘Good Morning. Kolkata!” and I didn’t know that my voice was so powerful….Everything went into the Red…all the meters went into Red…The Transmission tripped off and I was Off the Air for 1 minute. That’s how it started and it has always been a wonderful learning experience..day by day..year by year…minute by minute.

S : So, what was the next thing you did ?

J : I didn’t realize that I was off the Air….I just carried on talking. I was told later…So, I carried on. The logic is, I think one must have head in place…be positive….carry ahead and when you get back you automatically get back. It’s like “TV Off hoye gache…Transmission Off hoye gache” (TV went Off…Transmission went Off)….But the programming is carrying on…So, when you get come back again…That’s another part.

S : What was your reaction ?

J : I said OK… “Thik Ache… Ki korbo ? Hoye gache …” (Its Ok… What can I do ? It just happened) [Smilingly]

S : How did the show started ?

J : Way back in September 1996, It started with off with the name Email…Email was the show’s name and it used to be on Thursday mornings 9 to 10….and it always used to be Thursday mornings 9 to 1 from the AIR studio. Then, it became Britannia Little Hearts Love is on the Air…Then, it became Britannia Little Hearts Direct Dilse and then I came to RED FM…I remember it was Thursday 7th May of 2003, we started the show as Dilse. That was on a Thursday Night 9 to 12….Then, it went to 9 to 1…10 to 2…From a Thursday it actually shifted onto Friday Night and then it carried on for sometime. Then again, it went into late nights…12 midnight till 3 am…Then right back again on a Friday and Saturday Nights 9 Pm till 2 AM.

S : According to you, which was the most touching episode ?

J : Those are not just episodes. They are occasions, instances and things that happened in various shows which moves me. I wouldn’t say a particular episode touched me but there are a lot of things across various shows that have touched me. For Example, there was a call at about 1:30 AM in the night from a girl who was sounding very down and disappointed. So, I asked what was wrong with her. She said that she had a buddy friend and they were neighbors and they know each other since they were kids. The guy told her that he was going to see a girl the next day. So, she was feeling down. Then, I asked her why is she feeling down ? She should be happy..its her friend..eventually, she told me that she look him more than a friend and he is going to see a girl tomorrow. Then I told her, why is he waiting ? There’s no harm in letting him know about her feelings…It can be a Yes/No..Who knows ? She disconnected the line and called back after an hour and told me that she exactly did what I told her. She phoned him up and met him up in the terrace and she just blurt it out, whatever she felt about him. He kept quiet for 30 seconds..she got scared but eventually he said her something which got her zapped. The guy told her that he also felt the same thing about her but was too scared to tell her..Incase she broke the friendship. Now, they are engaged to get married. Another occasion was that when I got a call from someone and he was feeling very low, very depressed and he told me that he didn’t wanted to live anymore. There was a lot of breeze coming over the phone. So, I asked him where he is.. He told that he is standing on the ledge of the fourth floor and talking to me. That got me shocked. So, I spoke with him for 9 minutes LIVE on Air..This was at about 10 past 2 in the night because the show used to be till 3’o clock at that time. After 9 minutes of talking, I convinced him to get off the ledge and get back. The only thing was people never used to listen to him..his father was too busy..his mother used to go for kitty party. So, he was always feeling alone, left out and lonely and you see a little bit of listening can solve so many problems.

S : You have listeners from various age groups – 8 to 80.

J :  Music has got not boundaries and barriers. From youngsters to really old people…Music brings everybody together and that’s what the bond is all about.

S : 18 Years in the World…You are a Pioneer in the world of Radio. According to you, what is so fascinating about you…that people are attracted towards you ?

J : I really don’t know…You ask them… I enjoy doing my job and I love what I am doing and I like what I do and that kind of satisfies me….Why people like me or don’t like me ? Why people love me or don’t love me ? …You ask them…It will be very difficult for me to answer…I have no idea.

S : In this regard, I would like to ask you one question. Why don’t you join politics ?

J : (Smilingly)…”Nahi…Yaar”. I always strongly believe…”Achhai Karo…Bhalai karo”…Do it quietly. For me happiness is seeing smiles on other people’s faces. If I make small difference. Then these small steps builds up the ladder. I think the most important thing is to make a difference…to spread the smiles and to create happiness…If we do that, I think life too at a certain level will be accomplished.

S : Were you bullied in your college days ?

J : I wasn’t bullied…because I was into Martial Arts…I was a tough guy…So, I was never bullied. But, I used to be a lot of things…I used to be in a team…work with a team…I was a part of the College Union, in the last year of my College. There are a lot of experience from college that one will always cherish.

S : If the world comes to an end tomorrow and tonight is a Dilse Night ? What would be your message to the entire city of Kolkata and would you do something special on that show ?

J : If its the end of the world…its not necessary that you have to do something special. The logic is…The show would become extra special in a way that we will try to make as many laugh, smile and feel chilled out rather than feeling worried, depressed, not knowing what to do. These are last moments of life…We must cherish. Even, if the world comes to an end, we’ll never know…it will happen spontaneously. I always tell that don’t even think of it…When, it will happen…it will happen. My message will as usual.. Be Happy…Spread the warmth…Spread the closeness…Spread the smiles…Help other people because even if the world comes to an end…In the process of the world coming to an end…You can also spread so much of goodness…You can give a little bit of strength…optimism…Courage…so much of things you can do…Who knows if the entire Humanity comes together…may be the world will never come to an end. The world will be a beautiful place to live in…I think that’s what most important.

S : Which is one is most favorite to you : DJ Jimmy / RJ Jimmy / Jimmy sir ?

J : I just like being called Jimmy…No Sir…No RJ…No DJ.

S : Chocolates or Nolen Gurer Sandesh ?

J : Both…Both would be different on different ocassions. Nolen Gurer Sandesh…I would love to have it during winter time..when its kind of chilling and relaxed. Chocolates…would depend. Its like there are 10 sweets infront of you and you need to choose one. So, its like for each occasion…Depending on the mood, not getting any sweet shop and you want to have something sweet, then you pick up a chocolate. If you are near Boloram, then you pick up Nolen Gurer Sandesh. So, it depends…for me, its not this or that…its everything depending on the mood.

S : Priyanka Chopra or Aishwariya Rai ?

J : Here, I would like to very clear because I have met Priyanka. I have been with her for an hour. She is a lovely human being, down to Earth. That’s what I like about her.

S : Dada or Sachin ?

J : Again, I respect both of them in their own way. Both of them have been icons of cricket…and they still are. So each one I salute in their own way. One (Dada) who has captained and made the team where it is today. One (Sachin) who has actually made a mark in the world of cricket. So, both of them are brilliant personalities in themselves. So, I would say both of them in their own sphere…Own field…Own way.

S :  According to you, who is the best captain ? Kapil Dev, Dada or MSD ?

J :  I would definitely say…Each one has got their own point. I would say that captaincy actually started during Kapil Dev’s time when he won the World Cup. Dada took it a step further. I feel cricket is more about money than being a game. So, I think one must realize and must hold on…must see where you can perform the best in the world…So, it would be a choice between Kapil Dev and Dada. The word best will be very difficult to say because each one performed brilliantly. M. S. Dhoni won the World Cup..So, he has also got a team and I think the captain should be there for his team otherwise it will be known as “Dadagiri”. So, a captain must give the…turn them around…lift their spirits.

S : What would be your message to the readers ?

J : Be what you are…Spread the warmth and happiness…Be the way you are and don’t have an attitude…Don’t have an attitude…Don’t have an ego…Trust me, if you are the way you are…down to earth…work from your heart…Trust me, you will rise up and no one can stop you.


UPDATE : Dilse went off Air on Sunday March 3, 2013. Dilse with Jimmy Tangree is now back as Direct Dilse (From June 20, 2014) on 91.9 Friends Fm and is hosted every Friday Nights 9 PM till 2 AM into a Saturday morning.

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