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Combiflam is safe to consume and here’s why!

Back in 2016, my mom suddenly started complaining about pain in her shoulders and her inability to move her left arm freely. Without any delay, we took her to an orthopaedic surgeon. He then prescribed a few medicines, advised a week’s bed rest and requested for a visit within a fortnight with medical reports.  

On our next visit, after going through her reports, he told us that there was nothing to worry about. He advised us to give her the prescribed doses of Combiflam if the pain returned. Since then, the pain appears once or twice in the winters and goes away on giving her the prescribed dosage of Combiflam. Thankfully, her backache is manageable. As Combiflam is safe to consume, she never forgets to carry it while travelling. There were occasions when she complained about the pain while travelling to distant places. With Combiflam medicine, we can travel without any worries.


Recently, I came across a viral news article on social media stating that Combiflam is banned. It came as a huge shock to me because my mom has been having it without any complaints. I never trust viral news on social media so I decided to cross-check with my mom’s doctor. He informed me that the news was fake and that Combiflam is safe to consume.

I also decided to verify the news online and this video of Dr. Makkar clearly explains how Combiflam is safe to consume; that you shouldn’t trust rumours being circulated on WhatsApp and Facebook and you don’t need to fear any side-effects of Combiflam. Combiflam is safe and it is an effective drug.

A research article told me that the combination of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen is available in many countries. A drug that has been tried and tested for pain management globally should be safe to consume.

All of this was enough to help me discard the viral article as FAKE NEWS and conclude that Combiflam is safe to consume. It was a whirlwind ride to go from seeing my mom benefit from Combiflam for pain relief, finding out that it was banned, and then realizing that sensational rumours were being spread around a trustworthy medicine. 

Don’t believe everything you hear or read on social media and WhatsApp. Do your research from credible sources like I did before believing anything.

Disclaimer: This is an associated post written purely for Public Awareness. The author is not a qualified medical professional. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are the author’s own. This post should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice. We strongly discourage the practice of consuming medicine without a doctor’s prescription. Click here to read the full ‘Statement of Disclosure’.

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