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If you have decided to step into the blogging world, then you may need some help to take off as a blogger. Before we begin…the first question that comes is what are we going to blog about? This is the very first thing that you need to decide before you proceed. Ask this question to yourself and find out the answer. To some, blogging might be a hobby. Some may blog on a subject in which they have sound knowledge. So, decide your niche first.

Once you have decided your blog’s niche, You need to decide your blog name. Then, you need a domain name and web space to host your blog. A domain name is your blog’s name. Internet users can access your blog using your domain name. No, two websites can have the same domain name. Web space allows you to upload your files and folders related to your website, to make it available on the Internet.

Next, you’ll have to configure your blog. To do this, you will need to take the help of a CMS (Content Management System). I recommend WordPress in setting up your blog. It’s the best platform to start your blog with.

Since we are talking about WordPress, there are a lot of service providers that provide Managed WordPress hosting. There are two types of WordPress hosting – managed and unmanaged.

In unmanaged WordPress hosting, you are provided with the web space and you will have to install and configure WordPress on your own. But, in managed WordPress hosting, A2Z about WordPress hosting is managed by the hosting service provider. Now let’s understand why one should opt for managed WordPress hosting.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Security – We all know that outdated systems are very much liked by hackers. So, if your WordPress version, themes and plugins aren’t regularly updated then you become an easy target for the hackers. In managed WordPress hosting, your service takes necessary steps to address your security related issues. If your site gets hacked then, the hosting provider fixes that issue.
  • 24×7 Monitoring – Hosting provider monitors your site’s performance. If they sense any problem, they try to fix it even before the problem occurs. This ensures that your site is always in running condition. Such kind of preventive measures guarantees maximum possible uptime.
  • Speed – Your website may slow down due to technical issues. In managed web hosting, your service provider identifies and rectifies those issues. Your website speed plays an important factor in Search Engine Ranking.


There a lot of players that offer Managed WordPress Hosting. While comparing their offerings, rating and reviews, we have found MilesWeb web hosting services to be best.

What makes MilesWeb different from others

MilesWeb has partnered with Jetpack. This is the partnership of Jetpack in India. MilesWeb, launched in 2012, has sponsored and participated in all the WordCamp events held in India till date. Their hosting  plans not only covers SSD storage and free SSL certificates but also include the following technical features:

  • Cloudflare Railgun: Cloudflare Railgun technology speeds up the performance of non-cached web pages by providing a faster connection between your web hosting server and Cloudfare CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • GZIP/Brotli Compression: This technology makes your site load faster by decreasing the volume of data sent from web hosting server to the browser of the visitor. It also reduces the load on the server.
  • WP-CLI: WP-CLI or WordPress – Command Line Interface, a powerful toolset that helps in interacting with your site from the command line or even programmatically.
  • Cloning: Their cloning tool allows you to create a complete copy of your website with all the files and folders within a few seconds. This comes handy when you are in plans to introduce significant changes to your WordPress site or migrating your site to another host.
  • Pre-configured WordPress: The pre-configured WordPress installation comprises of various themes and plugins which minimises your efforts in configuring your blog. The installation is done in such a way that the WordPress software, themes and plugins are automatically updated to the latest version.
  • Daily Backups: MilesWeb ensures that your website’s backup is taken once every 24 hours.
  • Caching: Load time of a WordPress website reduces if it’s properly cached,

WordPress Blog at $1


Source: MilesWeb.IN Screengrab

WordPress Blog at $1? Yes, you heard it right. MilesWeb lets you host your WordPress blog for as low as $ 1/month (₹ 69/month). With this, you also claim a free migration from your current host to MilesWeb. The Free SSL adds an extra layer of security to your WordPress Blog. This helps your blog to gain the trust of your visitors. Enabling SSL to your domain improves your blog’s Search Engine Ranking.

What’s more? You can get in touch with their dedicated WordPress support to get your issues resolved. They are available 24×7.

Are you in plans to start a new WordPress Blog? Then, don’t wait. Start your new WordPress Blog at $1/month with MilesWeb.

Invitation to join #XploreBharat Blog journey

Wishing everyone a Happy Republic Day. 26th January marks the day on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950 and marked the beginning of the Republic of India.

On this day, we, a team of 11 bloggers of the BlogBoosterIndia group are going to host the #XploreBharat Blog train to cover Incredible India with their travel diaries. The journey starts on February 1, 2019, and would continue for the next 70 days. During this period, we will try to cover the length and breadth of the country by taking you to 70 different places. Would you like to be a part of this exciting journey? If yes, then, contact any of the hosts mentioned above on their blog links or twitter handles. Alternatively, you can fill up this form and we will get back to you. Registration closes on January 31, 2019. Hurry Up!



For more and detailed info, please visit our anchor’s website – Pragun (PragunTatwa).  Other hosts are hosts are – Aditi, Esha, Mahesh, Preeti, Sanjota, Saba, Sonia and Suhasini.

Here are the rules as a summary for you all –

  • To commemorate 70 years of Republic India, ‘BlogBoosterIndia’ group is hosting blog train from 1st February 2019. A total of 70 posts will be posted by different Travel-loving Bloggers touching 70 beautiful and unique places of India.

If you meet the following criteria fill up the form through the link given below.


  1. You are a Travel-Loving-Blogger who writes about places within India.
  2. Have Social Media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  3. You can join the FB Group – BlogBoosterIndia.
  4. You can post your articles on the date committed by you.
  5. You can Read, Comment and Share all the posts published in this BlogTrain through your social media accounts.

So let’s get on to our Indian blog journey. Do Join us to #XploreBharat

Combiflam is safe to consume and here’s why!

Back in 2016, my mom suddenly started complaining about pain in her shoulders and her inability to move her left arm freely. Without any delay, we took her to an orthopaedic surgeon. He then prescribed a few medicines, advised a week’s bed rest and requested for a visit within a fortnight with medical reports.  

On our next visit, after going through her reports, he told us that there was nothing to worry about. He advised us to give her the prescribed doses of Combiflam if the pain returned. Since then, the pain appears once or twice in the winters and goes away on giving her the prescribed dosage of Combiflam. Thankfully, her backache is manageable. As Combiflam is safe to consume, she never forgets to carry it while travelling. There were occasions when she complained about the pain while travelling to distant places. With Combiflam medicine, we can travel without any worries.


Recently, I came across a viral news article on social media stating that Combiflam is banned. It came as a huge shock to me because my mom has been having it without any complaints. I never trust viral news on social media so I decided to cross-check with my mom’s doctor. He informed me that the news was fake and that Combiflam is safe to consume.

I also decided to verify the news online and this video of Dr. Makkar clearly explains how Combiflam is safe to consume; that you shouldn’t trust rumours being circulated on WhatsApp and Facebook and you don’t need to fear any side-effects of Combiflam. Combiflam is safe and it is an effective drug.

A research article told me that the combination of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen is available in many countries. A drug that has been tried and tested for pain management globally should be safe to consume.

All of this was enough to help me discard the viral article as FAKE NEWS and conclude that Combiflam is safe to consume. It was a whirlwind ride to go from seeing my mom benefit from Combiflam for pain relief, finding out that it was banned, and then realizing that sensational rumours were being spread around a trustworthy medicine. 

Don’t believe everything you hear or read on social media and WhatsApp. Do your research from credible sources like I did before believing anything.

Disclaimer: This is an associated post written purely for Public Awareness. The author is not a qualified medical professional. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are the author’s own. This post should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice. We strongly discourage the practice of consuming medicine without a doctor’s prescription. Click here to read the full ‘Statement of Disclosure’.

WOW: The divine light of knowledge

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I am sure these photographs remind you of Diwali. It’s been more than 2 months since we have celebrated ‘The Festival of Lights’. When I ask people, what is the first thing that comes into their mind when they think of Diwali? Some say lights. Some say fireworks. Others say sweets and lot more.

If you ask the question to me, I would say lights. Whenever I look around and spot a lamp, I feel it’s removing the darkness. It’s not an ordinary light but its the divine light of Diwali. The divine light is removing darkness from our lives. It is spreading happiness. The light tells us that it’s a new beginning – forget the past and take a step forward. It’s a New Year – A new beginning. The diving light is erasing all kinds of pains from our lives.


You must have heard the following sloka:

Tamaso Ma JyotirGamaya


It’s a Sanskrit sloka present in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. It means, “Lead me from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.” Whenever I see any lamp, this sloka comes into my mind.

I am ending this week’s prompt with a prayer from my heart…May the Lord remove all kinds of darkness from our lives. Let there be no darkness.

Hope you have enjoyed my photo story.

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Video Content Rising: Are Text Content’s Days Numbered?

This article was written as a part of the SEMrush Big Blogging Contest.

Brands, companies alongside public figures and artists depend upon the virality of their content via Social Media. It is one of the important parameters which shows whether their brand is powerful or not. When it comes to marketing, content is always the king. It can be in any form – depends upon on your target audience. Youths generally prefer short videos instead of reading a full page analysis. Some prefer the latter for a deeper understanding and in-depth knowledge.


Photo by from Pexels

Video content is gaining popularity amongst marketers. Various studies have shown that if you want your visitors to your website, to share and interact with your content, the video is the best way of doing so. A report said that a human brain can process a video 60,000 times faster than text. Now, think of yourself, if I ask you to choose between video and text, then you are more likely to opt for video. It’s because when you read something, you need to focus on it. It requires active attention for a longer duration. It is an active process –  you need to visualize what you are reading. So, you aren’t only reading the words that are in front of you but also trying to create a picture of it. When you are reading, you are also giving an effort to understand what you are reading.

On the other hand, a video is purely audio-visual. It’s all about visualization. You just need to look at it. This reduces our efforts. Now, most of us believe in ‘Smart Work’ and we are always attracted towards it. Isn’t it? :p

The presence of ‘Human Touch’ in Videos

When you are reading any text, you are actively trying to process the text that is present in front of you. Sometimes, you may not be able to form the right picture of it. But, in a video – everything is present in front of you. You don’t have to form an impression or any kind of picture. You just need to watch it. Some videos give you an immersive experience. It means you can actually feel and experience everything that is happening on screen. This is the biggest advantage of using video as a marketing tool. You can add a layer of ‘human touch’ to it. You can express yourself, people can see your expressions. These factors make videos as the most powerful tool for marketers. Videos can also contain demonstrations or real-life experience. This can influence your visitors to a large extent which can boost your conversion ratio.

The Numbers – What do they speak about Video?

A report stated that a human brain remembers 80% of the things that we see and 20% of the things that we read. Experts estimate that by the end of 2019, videos will comprise 80% of the search traffic. Cisco predicts that it will rise to 82% by the end of 2021. Google claims that 70% of the users refer to Youtube videos to find a solution to their problems.

Video vs Text

Video in any form – Youtube, Vine etc. is a great tool to influence your visitors. But, it doesn’t mean that every video is going to be successful. Here, also you need to take care of the content. The video must be crisp and relevant to the content. It should be interesting so that the viewers watch it till the end.


Photo by from Pexels

Videos are meant for getting an overview of something in a short time. For a detailed analysis, text content would be better. Creators can’t add every minute details in their video as it would increase the length of the video which may make it boring.

Studies have pointed out that when a person wants to take an important decision – they are more likely going to refer to the text. Most of us have a tendency to give more preference to written documents. Secondly, you need to follow a separate approach to make a video. If you make a video of textual information, it may turn out to be boring. The rule of thumb is the content (text or video) must be prepared, as per the interest of the audience. Text content becomes boring without using any kind of graphics or visuals.

Thirdly, video requires a high-speed data internet connection. Else, you will experience buffering and bad video quality while streaming. For text, it works well even with 2G speeds.

Videos are an attractive way of presenting information, but it isn’t always suitable for everything. It can be time-consuming and expensive as well. For text content, one simply needs to type the information that he wants to convey.

Author’s Views

I use both text and video – for different purposes. In some cases, we may find it easier to present things using video. For others, text content serves the purpose.

Video content is definitely becoming an important tool for marketing, but I don’t think it can replace text. If you ask me, I would personally prefer text content. I love to read because it is self-paced and helps me to understand something deeply. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t watch videos. I refer to them for understanding the concept behind any matter.

Let’s us take an example, The electronic media came at a much later date than print media. In today’s world, most of us have smartphones with a news app installed. Did it close the print media? Did people stop buying newspapers? No, People still read the newspaper while sipping their morning tea, even if they have news apps on their smartphone.

If you decide to proceed with the ‘Video Only’ approach, then it won’t help you in the long run. Search Engines can’t read from videos. You need to add an SEO friendly description to make it rank. My personal opinion is videos can be as a supplement to your text content.


There’s no doubt that video is becoming popular among netizens. However, videos don’t guarantee success always. It needs to be crisp and interesting so that the viewer watches it till the end. Be it videos or text, it’s the content that plays the key factor. At the end of the day, the visitors want something interesting. As I have earlier said, content is always the king. I feel that a page full of text with videos embedded in it would be the optimal solution.

#BlogchatterHealthWatch – Seven tips for a long and healthy life

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Health is Wealth


All of us have heard this famous saying while growing up. It highlights the importance of health. If we are not healthy (physically, mentally and socially) then wealth (money) is of no use. So, health is our real wealth. We should always try to remain healthy.


With the advancement of technology, our lifestyle is becoming unhealthy. Instead of finding a cure for our disease, wouldn’t it be nice if we look for its prevention? Prevention is better than cure. In this article, I am going to share 7 simple tips that will help you to lead a healthy life:

  1. Get enough exercise
  2. Maintain a regular sleep schedule
  3. Have food at regular intervals – Don’t skip meals. Avoid fatty foods.
  4. Detoxification – Periodic fasting
  5. Wash your eyes, arms and feet with cold water before going to sleep
  6. Practice Meditation
  7. Wake up early. Avoid sleeping till late hours.



So, are you following these points? We have heard of the saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 91 days to turn it into a lifestyle. We have just stepped into 2019 and, you can give it a healthy start by taking part in the #BlogchatterHealthWatch campaign.

So, what’s the campaign about?

  1.  The BlogchatterHealthWatch campaign will run on Instagram in January. During this time take up that one thing which you have been postponing – be it going to the gym, waking up early, quitting unhealthy food, whatever it is that you want to do to better your life.
  2. For the entire month post updates on how you’re doing with this on Instagram using the hashtag #BlogchatterHealthWatch. You can also check out the hashtag stream and find more such posts to motivate you.
  3. Instagram Lives on the subject of health. You don’t want to miss that!


Now, that sounds exciting. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and enrol yourself for the #BlogchatterHealthWatch campaign, starts January 7, 2019. Let’s motivate each other to build a healthier tomorrow.



WOW: The incomplete Love story – Part 2

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This is the 2nd and final part for the post ‘WOW: The Last Time He Saw Her‘. For better understanding, I would request you to kindly read the 1st part.


Continuing from the point where I have left…

So, B spends his entire night wondering about S…thinking about the time that they have spent with each other. The memories were repeatedly coming back which were giving him frequent outbursts.

Seconds ticked away…Time moved on…and it was time for sunrise. Time for a new day to begin. B was planning to skip work. He couldn’t sleep last night. So, when he was about to switch off his mobile, his phone started ringing. No, it wasn’t a call. It was the alarm.


He woke up with tears in his eyes. Yes, it was just a dream. Then he picked up his phone to switch off the alarm clock. But before he could do so, he saw a text from his crush S requesting him to meet her urgently. He was shocked and surprised. He told her to meet him in the evening at a park.

B couldn’t focus on his work. He was getting several thoughts. He was trying to figure out the reason behind the urgent meet-up.

The moment arrived. S smiled and greeted him. Her smile melted his heart. He smiled back. This time she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. S is still not married. They exchanged pleasantries and started the conversation. Meanwhile, B was gathering all the courage so that he could express his feelings for her.

After some time, S held his hand and told him that him that she wants to tell him something important. But before telling it, she wanted B to promise her that he won’t end the friendship after listening to it. B’s heart started beating rapidly. His voice was shaking. He gathered himself and gave her his assurance.

S firmly held his hands. Her voice was choking was emotions. Finally, she said (whispered), ‘iloveyou’. She went so fast that B couldn’t understand what she said. S then gathered her courage and told her that she loves him a lot and wants to spend the rest of his life with him.


B went blank. To him, everything came to a standstill. He was blank for 30 seconds. Then, he gave her a tight hug and expressed his heart out. Tears of happiness were rolling down from their eyes. B then told her about the dream that he saw last night. S told him that she saw a similar dream about B. B told her to forget everything about the past and to live in the present.

Fast forward six months, B and S are now engaged and are busy in their marriage preparations.

Have a love story to tell? Do share it via comments.

In the previous version of the story, we have seen that both S and B loved each other a lot. But circumstances didn’t let them stay together. I have received many requests for a happy ending to their love story. Hope you enjoyed reading their love story.

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Smart Home – Welcome to the Future! #SmartHomeRevolution

Technology has made our lives easier. It has become an indispensable part of our lives. When telephony service was introduced in India, nobody would have thought that a day would come when they could make video calls as well. Now, people can see the person to whom they are talking to, even if that person is sitting on the other side of the globe.

When we talk about telephony services, we can’t ignore the ‘Internet Revolution’. I was in class – 7 when I first accessed the internet, it was for my school’s project work. Mobile Internet service was still at its nascent stage. I got my first mobile phone after passing my class 12 exams and guess what? It was a Nokia C5 smartphone.


Over the years, all the gadgets that we use have become smart. From smart wearables to smart TVs. Smart wearables are also termed as fitness trackers because they are equipped with – heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie counter, distance calculator, sleep tracker etc. After learning about these features, I decided to #GetFitWithFlipkart by ordering the ZenWatch 2.

After using the Zenwatch 2 for a year, I have found that I can track my progress and can set my fitness goals according to my needs. So, if you are on a fitness regime, you need to keep a constant track of your fitness goals. A smartwatch fitness tracker would be your best buddy in doing so. Secondly, it acts as an additional motivator. It stores your previous days’ data which will help you to move forward and set higher goals.

Not only watches, but our lights have also become smart. Smart lights, smart speakers, smart security cameras etc. have triggered the concept of #SmartHomeRevolution. So, if our gadgets become smart, can our house be far behind? 😉

#SmartHomeRevolution: How does a Smart Home look like?

You wake up, not the sound of an alarm clock but to the voice of your crush who’s gently calling your name ;). You are nowhere near her, it’s your assistant who is doing so. Then it tells you to start your morning workout session and the assistant starts playing your favourite playlist. The coffee maker and toaster start preparing coffee and snacks respectively. While having your breakfast, your assistant reminds you of the events that are scheduled for the day.

Once your assistant realizes that you have left the house, it will switch off all unnecessary lights to ensure energy savings. At work, you realize its time to give your dog a snack. So, you open your mobile and you try to locate him. When you find him, send him the message from the nearest Smart Camera.

smart home

Source: Flipkart Website

When you are entering your home in the evening, the Smart Assistant will switch on lights to your favourite colour. As you step in, the cooker will start preparing your supper. After some time, the colour of the Smart Lights changes to blue, telling you it’s time for bed. You tell your assistant to switch to ‘Sleep Mode’. It will automatically adjust the light and temperature of the room, making it suitable for a sound sleep.

Author’s Note

The Smart Home concept is aimed at making our lives easier. Smart Home assistants can fetch any information from the Internet without using the keyboard, simply by using voice commands. We should use them to make our lives easier and shouldn’t become lazy. You can avoid such situations with the help of a Smart Wearable by tracking your fitness goals regularly.

So, let’s join the Fit India Movement and help others to become physically and mentally fit. This will help us to accept the Smart Home concept with open arms, without compromising our fitness levels.

Trying to be someone else’s shadow…

Everyone wants to become successful in their own spheres of life. Some try to take the shortcut to achieve the same. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were given an opportunity to become the shadow of a successful person for a day? Well, if you do… You will have a glimpse of the wealth, luxurious life and the prosperity that they enjoy. Sounds nice, isn’t it?

But, there’s one problem to it. If you become someone’s shadow then, do we have our own identity? The answer is No. You will become their slave. You will only repeat his actions. The ‘You’ within you would get lost. Nobody can take the place of that ‘You’. Each one of us is special in our own way. Just because someone is rich and/or famous doesn’t mean that you will become their shadow.

How shadow is formed? Due to the obstruction of light. The light which you were supposed to receive.

So, when you become someone’s shadow, you will become less confident about yourself. Your achievements and success will be forgotten.

To lead a life, we need to realise the value of our life. We need to understand the ‘You’ within ourselves and have the capacity to take a stand. This will boost our self-confidence.

So, you shouldn’t be someone else’s shadow. Don’t let someone prevent the light from reaching you. Remember, it’s yours. Let the world know about your feelings and experiences. 


Sloka 3.35 of Bhagavad Gita says, “It’s better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.” So, be that ‘You’ and keep running in the direction you know the best. Till then, Happy running.

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Smile and the world will smile with you…


When I ask people, “What makes you happy?”. Some tell me…by listening to music, playing video games and

other activities that keep them happy. Some have also replied that they sit back, close their eyes and flashback to the happy memories of their life.

Remember…Nobody can make you happy until you are happy with yourself first. Even if things aren’t going your way, try to smile at the small things of happiness and remind yourself that time keeps changing. Always remember –

After every dark night comes a glorious morning of a new day.

– Sunday Adelaja


In most of the cases, you will find me with a blank face, devoid of a smile or any kind of emotions. I am lost in my own world of work.  In that situation, if someone comes and greets me with a smiling face. I don’t know from where do I get all the positive vibes and I switch over to a ‘smiling state’. Yes, I reply back with a smiling face. That’s the power of one smile. Today, I am going to share a life experience with you…

It dates back to Diwali 2011-2012. I was a regular listener of a radio show, ‘Dilse’ (now Direct Dilse). Mr Jimmy Tangree, the host of the show requested the listeners to contribute towards a chocolate distribution drive. It was meant for the street children – a Diwali gift for them. Luckily, I got the opportunity to be a part of the distribution team. We visited various locations in the city of Kolkata. The smiles that we saw on their faces while distributing chocolates – was priceless. It moved me. The smiling faces touched my heart. Perhaps, it was for the first time…when I realised the meaning of happiness in the true sense.

Friends…we all know that greed can never be satisfied. But, this incident made me greedy. The greed of seeing others happy. Whenever I get an opportunity to help someone, I try my best to help that person to see a smile on that person’s face. When I am successful, my greed increases and I eagerly wait for another opportunity to make someone smile. It’s their smile that adds a smile to my face and makes me feel happy.


So, what makes you feel happy? Do let me know via comments.

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