Online Education – Is it Right For You ?

In my previous article, I have discussed about the differences between Online Education and Traditional Education. In this article, I will try to answer the question, “Is Online Education Right For You ?” In this age of Information Technology, online courses are not only gaining popularity in India but across the globe. At the same time, some people are strongly backing the traditional system. It’s like, someone wants to play a game of chess with his friend online. At the same time, someone else would want to play the game sitting opposite to him.

Let’s try to analyse the following factors:

  • Discipline: In Online education, you are on the driver’s seat and you can complete your lessons at your own pace within a deadline (not always). So, you will have to take the initiative of studying regularly and regularly asses yourself to monitor your progress.


So, if you don’t submit assignments on time or not getting any satisfactory results in the assessments then you don’t have to make an excuse for not doing so. In Online Course, the onus is on you to move forward. Your teachers can provide you with the resources and clear your doubts.

  • Method: In Online courses, you can complete the courses according to your will as most of them are self-paced and needs to be completed within a deadline. I did a 6-month training on PHP from an online portal. The entire course content was available to me from the first minute. Since I am from computer science background and had a good grip over the programming concepts. It just took me 4 days to understand the basics and move onto the advanced part. I simply glanced through the syntaxes. In this way, I completed the 6-month course in just 5 weeks.


The online training programmes are self-paced but you are responsible for everything. The teacher will give you the resources and they will also clear your doubts but you need to move forward. If you are willing to take this responsibility then go for it.

Online courses are suitable for everyone from first-time college goers to those professionals who wish to return to academics and continue with higher studies or any other professional courses. In both the cases, online courses allow you to progress as per you pace but the responsibility of doing so solely lies with you.

Disclaimer: Before applying for any online course at any institution, you are requested to check for its enlistment at UGC DEB website.


  1. Online courses are the need of the hour. Teacher appears when student is ready. Now it is the responsibility of the student to turn on the computer, and the teacher appears at the click of a button. This is an important post.

      • blogger on September 13, 2018 at 2:57 pm
      • Reply

      True that. Some portals are allowing recorded sessions.

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