Mobile Manners : Things you should know

Having good manners is essential across all spheres of life if you want to get respect from others. Similarly, if we follow Mobile Manners while using our cell phones, then we will not only use it in a responsible manner but we can avoid ourselves from such situations where using mobile phones might annoy others.

Various studies have shown that most of the people think are aware of mobile manners and many people have said that they get irritated by the way others use their mobile phones. In this article, I am going to share a few mobile manners and request everyone to follow them in their daily life.

  • Keep your phone switched off, or in silent mode during meetings. Excuse yourself before accepting important calls.
  • Keep your phones in silent mode when you are inside ‘No Mobile’ Zone.
  • Your ringtone should a soft one with low volume and should be acceptable.
  • Keep your cell phone conversations private, rather than subjecting others to your conversations. Be calm, avoid displaying anger and becoming emotional while attending a call in a public place.
  • You should avoid interrupting a face-to-face conversation to take a cell phone call because it will show you do not believe the person is important to you. Excuse yourself while responding to urgent calls or messages.
  • You should not click anyone’s photograph without his/her consent. Do not use your camera in photography prohibited zones.
  • Avoid sending or forwarding irrelevant messages.

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