A2Z Challenge 2019 – Theme Reveal

We are into the last week of March 2019. After that, we’ll step into April 2019 – the 4th calendar month of 2019. April is the month of A2Z challenge – bloggers post a new article on a daily basis for 26 days. This year, I have decided to take part in this blogging challenge – my first attempt. Now, what about the theme? This post is not only a ‘Theme Reveal’ post but also comes with a piece of good news.


When I got to know about the A2Z challenge, I was in a dilemma whether I should take part or not because I will have to update my blog daily. Day 1 starts alphabet ‘A’ and Day 26 ends with alphabet ‘Z’. After I made my mind to participate in this challenge, I was stuck in the theme part. Choosing a theme helps to stay on track.


When I resumed blogging after a long break, most of you have complained that I have sidelined the tech part. I also introduced a ‘Science and Technology’ tab in my blog for the same, but things didn’t go as expected. So, I have decided that I purely focus on tech in these 26 days. Yes, you heard it right. 26 days – 26 new posts on tech. So stay tuned, because a lot of tech stuff is coming up in the month of April. ‘Ek mahina… Technology ke naam’.


….and guess what? I am bringing back HiTechUp in the very same month. The way you wanted it.


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  1. Congratulations on re-starting the HiTechUp Section, and on taking the AtoZ plunge. All the best for April.

  2. For a tech-challenged person like me your blog is going to be a goldmine of information. All the best and kudos for taking the plunge.

  3. Very rare choice. Looking forward to read your posts.

  4. I can do with brushing up my knowledge of all things tech. Looking forward to reading your posts. Wish you all the best with the A2Z challenge this year 🙂

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